Sunday, Aug. 11, 1946

223rd day- 142 days follow

Fair wonderful day.

I picked a couple of quarts of blueberries on my point. And I took the boat around to the West Cove and towed my raft back to the point.  It had drifted away.

I pulled up another patch of small underbrush in front of the camp.

Thel and I went fishing this afternoon.  She caught a small blue gill and when I took it off the hook it had one of my hooks in its mouth with about six inches of nylon gut sticking out in front of it.

I bet it is the only roach in the pond swimming around with a nylon feeler.

When we came home we met Tillie coming into the road.  She stopped and got stuck.

Thel and I stopped at Chris Swift’s old bog to look for arrowheads, and someone had been in there hunting today.  We got two small broken pieces.

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