Thursday, Aug. 15, 1946

227th day- 138 days follow

Fair. Wonderful day.

Mrs. Crowell was up on the hill to pick some flowers.

After supper Thel and I went up to Eleanors and played 5 games of cribbage.  We won the rubber.

When we got home Ski was parked just across from our drive and Ikey was laying down so we couldn’t drive in so I got out and found he had been hit by a car.  The poor cuss was in such bad shape I had to shoot him.

Thel had a funny experience.  There was a man called up at the hall to see her an when he did he was so surprised he didn’t know her, or know what to say.

It was Tom Andrews. He hasn’t been around here for over twenty years and he had expected to see Marie, not knowing she had died.

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