Tuesday, Aug. 27, 1946

239th day- 126 days follow

Rained hard all day.

This morning Harry and I and young Sherman Whipple took a ride down to Wareham and there we picked up an editor of the “Courier”.

From there we rode down to the Long Pond bog at Rochester.  We stayed there some time, then we went back to Wareham and left our friend, then we came back thru Carver, and saw the swamp where Ruth McGluck’s murdered body was found.

This afternoon, as I was about to leave, I saw Bud in the dining room.  I went back and met he and Priscilla.  Harry gave me a ride home.

Geo. was in here for supper.

Still raining.  No archery tonight.

4 Replies to “Tuesday, Aug. 27, 1946”

    1. I’m so glad you commented! I’d love to hear more about your grandparents. I’m Jesse Brewer’s great granddaughter and have been posting his journal entries for the last few years. I grew up in Chiltonville and explored parts of the Hornblower estate after it was donated for the plantation. I’m at andi@diehn.net if you’d like to chat sometime.


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