Sunday, Sept. 1, 1946

244th day- 121 days follow

Fair and cool  wonderful day.

Went up on the hill and fixed the fires.

Pick came over and helped Thel get the dinner ready.

I went up on the hill at noon and showed the Shanklin’s both Hornblower estates.

Dave and Dottie arrived this A.M. with Mrs. Nowell and Alice and the two kids.

We all went up to the church at 3 P.M. and attended Betty’s wedding, and it went off fine.  I saw Senas there.  I haven’t seen him for 17 years.

We went over to May’s to see the presents.  Then up to Eleanor’s to see the new baby.  From there we came down to Pick’s and visited her awhile.  Then we came home and they got together and left for Wilmington.

Ruth Finney and Helen came over tonight.  They said there was a fire down by Frank Holman’s market.

Bobbie and his wife came in at 9 P.M. and he and I played 2 games of crib.  We won one each.

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