Thursday, Sept.12, 9146

255th day- 116 days follow


Fair and cooler.

Jubbie worked today.

After dinner the members of the Federations of Garden Clubs visited the garden up on the hill.

After I got home from work Thel and I went up to Standish Avenue to shoot, and nobody showed up.

After we got back Archie and I went up to the church to a lecture of conditions in Europe by an Estonian minister that escaped during the Russian occupation.

Barbara Palavanchi was here when I got home at noon. She said that Nona had beat her with an ironing cord and so she skipped out.  We gave her her dinner and told her that she was not 18 so she had to do what her mother told her, and told her that she must go back home and try to talk out her problem with Nona, and see if they both couldn’t work out an agreement so they could get along better together.  We told her never to run off to strangers or out of town, for then she might be arrested as a stubborn child.

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