Wednesday, Sept. 18, 1946

261st day- 102 days follow

(Joe Lewis)

(Geo. Holman)

Cloudy early in the day cleared off fine.

Carted fireplace wood from behind the barn over into the cellar.

Jubbie worked this afternoon.

When I got home from work Thel and I went up to the hotel parking place and set up a target and did some shooting. Geo. shot too.  None of us were very good.

Geo. Holman came in tonight at 10 P.M. and said his wife just had a baby daughter up at the hospital.

Joe Lewis just knocked out Tommy Morello in 2 min. 10 sec. of the first round in the N.Y. ball park. Joe is the greatest heavyweight champion that ever lived or ever will be again, and great credit to the colored race, as a man, and American.

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