Tuesday, Oct. 8, 1946

281st day- 34 days follow

Fair and cooler, good day to work.

Mowed lawns all morning.

Went over to take a look at H. H. flower garden, saw Mr. Beales there.

Priscilla Rich and her mother came up on the hill just before dinner time to pick flowers to carry up to Dimp.  Priscilla said she was going up to stay a few days with Dimp, as Harry is  down at Martha’s Vineyard.

The robins are gone and so are the dogwood berries.

Saw a junco and a nuthatch.

Took Myles up on the hill this P.M. and after I got thru work I took Myles up in back of Chick Howland’s and I tracked a buck deer on the sand hill behind Raymond’s and up to Ward’s pasture around by Bill’s, in by Huck Davis’s and out onto Warren Avenue in front of Henry Davis’s.

I gave Thel 50.00 at noon and she has gone to town to see if she can find a coat.

Howard Morse called up at noon and said that there would be no meeting tonight.

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