Saturday, Oct. 12, 1946

285th day- 80 days follow

Fair and warm, wonderful day.

Went up on the hill this A.M. Went over to the store and got paper.

Then I dressed up and got a ride over to Memorial Hall to the annual meeting of the M.A.S.  I was elected to a three year term to the trustees.

We had some fine speakers.

I went up to the Milk Bar and had lunch with Howard Torrey.

Bill and I went up to his house and washed up, then came down to the Rock House and met Dottie and Thel, then we went in to the supper.  It was a shore dinner and I thought it was fine.

Dr. Bryant of Harvard was the speaker after supper and he was fine.

All of the gang were there but Jo. Brew.  He had a game leg.

Thel, Ski, and Dottie spent the day up at Bridgewater at the Horse show.

Harry was elected Vice President Second the office I held for several years.

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