Tuesday, Oct. 22, 1946

295th day- 70 days follow

Fair and cool.  Fine day to work.

There was several kinds of birds on the hill today.

Raked and cleaned up rubbish all day.

Mrs. H. went hunting again today.  She got one woodcock yesterday

Took a walk down the beach looking for sea clam shells, went as far as the cottages. Got 1 old soaker of a clam alive, and about 50 shells for my sister in Appanaug.

Took my Colts Automatic along and shot at a can and two bottles at 21 paces and scored 3 center hits.  Pretty good for me.  The last live thing I shot at was a rabbit last winter and got it with one shot.

Think I will see if I can get a shot at something to eat tomorrow.

Thel and I went up to see Eleanor and George.  George’s nephew came in for a few minutes.

Ski and her friend came in for a couple of hours.

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