Wednesday, Nov. 27, 1946

331st day- 34 days follow

Went up on the hill and sent the cot by Arthur to Boston.

Saw the grey squirrel in the white pine grove.

Went down to Dutton’s and put on a couple of shutters and made one new one.

Stayed at home this afternoon and fixed up the back door and made a new target.

Thel and I did a little shooting.

Thel went up to Pick’s and took Pick and the boys up to Eleanor’s.  It is Marie’s birthday.

Bill Whiting came up and he says there is still a lot more of the pot to find and he wants me to go up with him Sat. afternoon and see if we can find some more of it.

Dave and Dot and the kids arrived at 8 P.M. with the dog.

After the kids went to bed we sat up till 12 P.M. talking.

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