Sunday, Dec. 22, 1946

356th day- 9 days follow

Fair and warmer.

Went up [the] hill and saw Mr. H.  He gave me a ride over to the store.

Tried a little shooting with my bow, shot fairly well.

George came in this morning. Thel took him home.

Mr. and Mrs. Shanklin came in for a few minutes.  So did Bud and Ski.

Thel and I went over to get some gas and we saw Bob.  He is coming up Tues. night.  Then went up to the hall with some chairs.  I stopped there.  Thel went up and got Eleanor and Marie.  

They came back to the hall to attend the Xmas celebration, where I acted as master of ceremonies.

We took Eleanor and Marie home after the presents were given out.

Bob said they have chosen the name of Karen Marie for their new baby.

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