Wednesday, Jan. 1, 1947

1st day- 364 days follow

New Year’s Day

Snow flurries and cold.

Went up on the hill saw Mr. H.,  Mrs. H., Harry, his wife and her mother and one of the help.

Harry gave me a book on Arch. for an Xmas present.

Stopped in to see Pic.  Walder had the kids over at the bog skating.

Thel and I took a walk to the Hathaway’s after dinner. Nobody home.

Went up on the hill tonight and did the chores.

The folks were just leaving and I rode home with them.  Richard Greenwood was there.

Mr. H. said that Sherman Whipple says there is 12 inches of snow in Washington, D.C.

A cruel joke on Howard Engstrom who sent his family up here.

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