Saturday, Jan 4., 1947

4th day- 361 days follow


Partly cloudy clearing at noon.

Mailed Mrs. H’s fountain pen.

Saw Pick and the boys.

Mr. Shanklin was in here for dinner.

After dinner Bill Whiting came up and we went up to Whipple’s and hunted.  I found one broken quartz point.

Then we stopped at Cotton Pond and the ice is 2 ½ inches thick, from there went to the So. West end of G. Herring Pond. They are filling in a marsh there to build cottages on near the pond.

Then we went down to Ezra Hartford’s garden and I found one point with a corner gone.

After supper Walder came in and we played several games of cribbage and he beat me.

Ski got a temporary lay off at the Milk Bar.

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