Saturday, Mar. 8, 1947

67th day- 298 days follow


Cloudy + cool.

Mr. and Mrs. H. were on the hill this A.M.  Geo. Crowell came up.  Fred Moon came over to look at some work.  Bill Whiting came up at 11:35.

After dinner Bill came up and we picked up Bill Pierce at his house and went out to the place where Bill found the gouge and the two plummets.

Bill W. found the very best stone hoe I have seen and Bill P. found two arrowheads.  I found part of a pendant with one nice hole through the center.  We came back to West’s Saw Mill and I found one No. A.1. shield shaped stemmed large smokey crystal quartz point, a honey, and one small heart shaped quartz point and one flint point.

Geo. S. and Eddie H. were in here and everybody went to town except Ski and I.

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