Saturday, Mar. 15, 1947

74th day- 291 days follow


Fair + Warm

Mr. H. was up on the hill this A.M.

Put fertilizer on the lawns.

Saw the red squirrel on the hill.

Bill came up after dinner and we picked up Bill Pierce and went out to West’s Saw Mill.  I found one small triangular grey point.  Bill W. found 3 fair white quartz ones there.

From there we went out to North River Bridge.  We found a nice plummmel and a nice tri. Notched base arrowhead.  Bill P. found three small arrowheads and I found two nice ones.

After supper I took the bus out to Dick Bent’s to the M.A.S. meeting.  Bill W. gave me a ride home.

Thel put on a supper up at the church and went to the Small girl’s shower.

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