Thursday, Mar. 20, 1947

79th day- 287 days follow

(Blackbird, Butterfly, Arrowheads)

Fair + Warmer.

Raked all day.

Jubbie lugged off brush.

I saw a butterfly today and the Flicker started to rat tat on the chimney top and give his love call for the first time this spring.

After work I went on my wheel over to the sandbank, found nothing, then up to Mabbitt’s garden, found a fair hammer stone, then over to the Hotel land by Eleanor’s, found nothing, went in to see the kids and had supper with them.

Thel came up after supper.  Ski came later.

We played cribbage till 9:30.

Ski said she saw four deer over by Dick Greenwood’s tonight.

I saw a red wing blackbird over by Eel River bridge.

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