Monday, April 14, 1947

104th day- 261 days follow


Cloudy + Cool

Finished up painting the screens, and worked on the flower garden.

I saw where a woodcock has been drilling in my path by the lower garden dump.

The carpenters were on the job all day.

Ski and I did a little shooting at noon, and I did a lot better.

They are trying to start a Cub Scout troop up at the church.

Thel was up at her mother’s today.

Thel and Ski have gone out.

Trout season opens tomorrow.  Looks as if it might rain.

Roger Maloon was up on the hill.  He put some juice in the refrigerator.

One Reply to “Monday, April 14, 1947”

  1. Good Morning,

    I was particularly interested in Roger Maloon and the “refrigerator juice”…so I did some sleuthing and found that Roger was a “mechanic” at the “electric light company” (1940 Federal Census). So perhaps Roger was fixing the ‘fridge rather than dropping off OJ? Fred

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