Friday, May 2, 1947

122nd day- 243 days follow

(Ski is 20)

Cold + rain

Ski is twenty years old today.  Her horse got out last night. When we woke up he [was] back up to Percy Finney’s house.

No workers showed up on the hill today.

Chet Downie came up on the hill to see me this afternoon.  I was glad to see him. He is a fine boy.

Frank Holman and Eddie H. were here tonight looking at Ski’s horse.

This is the third day of a North East storm, what the old timers used to call a line storm.

Harry Hadaway’s wife just had her second baby ten months and one day after her first one.

Hope the sun comes out tomorrow.

Editor’s note: Ski turns 96 today (5/2/23) and we all wish her a Happy Birthday.  She is one dynamic and lovely lady!

One Reply to “Friday, May 2, 1947”

  1. Happy Birthday Ski!
    The story of your family and their life and times in Chiltonville has brought me such joy! Best Always, Fred Dunford


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