Monday, May 19, 1947

139th day- 226 days follow

Clearing. Warmer

Fertilized the lawn.

The women were on the hill.

After dinner Thel took me to town to the Dr’s about my knee.

Bought a pair of moccasins.

Went back up on the hill this afternoon.

Margaret Nickerson came in here while Ski was down at the barn and she was drunk.  They say she is P. (?)  Thel and Tilly had to come down from the hill and take her home.

Dot Dunlap called up the hill this A.M. and said Miles has been hit by a car.  Thel and I came home and I fixed him up.  He is cut up some around his head.

Ski loaned her horse to Eddie Hathaway to ride tonight up to the horse club meeting.

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