Wednesday, May 21, 1947

141st day- 224 days follow


Cloudy + Showers

The women were on the hill today.

A man came up from the telephone co. about the pole Mrs. H. doesn’t like.

Called up Alton Stevens and ordered some flowers for the Yacht Club.

Bill Whiting came up to see me this afternoon.

Oiled floors in the house.

Stopped in at Dutton’s on the way home from work.

Ski started to work up at the Johnson Stand today.

After supper Thel and I took a ride up Eleanor’s for a couple of hours.  Geo. and I took a walk in back of the hotel garage and over by the sand bank.  I found one small triangular arrowhead on George’s garden.

We took as walk down to the shore and found 4 clams.

Found a small triangular point Geo. g.

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