January 1 Friday, 1943

(A journal entry from this day in 1943 by my great-uncle, Jesse Brewer.)

[Italics indicate deciphering issues. All structure, grammar, and verbiage is as close as I can tell.]

(edited to add my mom’s notes: “Bud would be Aunt Jessie’s husband..Pic was the nickname of my mom, your grandmother..Eric would have been 1 yr old, visiting with Walder, my dad. The hunting they refer to is looking for arrowheads. Grampa Brewer was an amateur archeologist who left quite an extensive collection to the Plantation.”)


January 1 Friday

ToDay is the Birthday of The Year 1943

Caught muskrat in Walder’s brook. The Hornblowers are down here. Walder and I hunted Arthur Woods land, we found only a few bases, one nice point and I found one crude spear point. Sent in a dollar for Hunting and Fishing, and a dollar for The American Gardener.

Pic. Eric and Walder came in for a while this evening to see how Thelma was.

Percy Finnery was in Tonight. He is going up to Hanover to look for a job.

Took Buds letter up to his mother.

Fair and warm till 10 – am – wind South, then clouded over and started to snow about 2 – P.M.

Had turkey for dinner.

Russian drive is going strong against Germany.

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    1. Welcome! I’m thrilled with all corrections, comments, and stories – the more people who chime in, the more accurate and rich this history will be.


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