January 4 Monday, 1943


ToDay is the Birthday of ___________

Warm and snow all day.

Swept snow twice up on the hill.

Thelma and Betty worked up at Hanover.

Sky [great aunt Jessie Smith] went over to take care of Eric this afternoon.

If you snoop quit!

Eleanor went to Motor Corps.

Tracked one rabbit today.

A lot of juncos and chicadees around my feed boxes up on the hill.

Bob Lee walked up tonight and he and I played five games of cribbage. I won three and he won two.

Lill. Potter wants Vick to take care of her dog for the rest of the winter.

Soon be time to pay the income tax.

Percy Finney is working up at the Hanover making munitions.

Cleared off tonight.

(“Those who forgive most, shall be most forgiven.” Gailey)

6 Replies to “January 4 Monday, 1943”

  1. If Anne has already chimed in please ignore. Not Suki, but Sky. Your great aunt Jessie Smith. She would have been about 16 in ‘43. I am wondering if I petitioned the Plantation as the namesake then I could get my hands on the other older journals. I noticed when I had the journals that Gramps often spelled phonetically as “Lewise” for Louise. Thanks for doing the blog. Have you noticed his accounts in the back of several of them. It’s humbling to think he raised four kids on less than 1500 a year. My father’s memory of his childhood during the depression leading up to the war was of a great life without want. He told me that they hardly noticed the “depression” because their austere rural existence remained the same throughout. What impressed me about Jesse’s life was how much time he had to visit Walder, play cribbage at lunchtime,and walk the countryside hunting for artifacts. If you imagine their lives in a “Downton Abby” context it was really not a bad one. All the women worked “up the hill” at one time or another. Frankly I am not sure if my dad, David, had the same responsibilities, being the only male. I know he had chores at home but most of his anecdotes are about adventures around Plymouth. The Hornblowers had two sons my dad’s age who spent their time at private schools and my dad had access to all their toys and boats, sleds etc. Jesse

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    1. It’s certainly worth asking the Plantation – I have plans at some point to spend a while there transcribing and photographing, but I’m not sure when that will actually happen. And please keep the corrections and tangential stories coming. That was the family name for him – Gramps?


  2. Percy Finney is working up at the Hanover making [illegible] /// (Munitions) /// (Most all the women worked at the ammo plants in Hanover. My mother and aunt worked there. If my memory serves me, she rode up to Hanover with Thelma.


  3. this is charming ! ,a glimpse to simpler times , i have often asked for Nana s diaries she was born in 1908 in the Downeastern side of maine , in a tiny town called Hancock , so small , if you visittheir Historical society where a great great great maybe more Aunt works , the place is litered with ancestors .I have only visited once but it was fascinating ! Thank you for givng us a dailey repast from this technological humdrum of today ❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗🙏🙏🙏🙏and you started on my birthday 🎂 , which each year is more forgotten , thank you for the smiles ! 😘


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