January 5 Tuesday, 1943


ToDay is the Birthday of ___________

Trapped a fox and a rabbit up on the hill. The fox had been over around Vick’s. Saw a robin today.

Mrs. Hornblower, Martha, and I went over to Bill’s trout pond and Bill put 40,000 brook trout eggs into the beach wagon, and then went up to what used to be Charlie Doten’s trout pools. There is nothing left but a few small creeks of water.

We put in one bucket of 10,000 eggs.

Then we went up around the R. Mill over into Blanchard’s pasture and put 20,000 eggs into Percy Fishes brook. Bill said this was an ideal place.

Lou Nickerson has two buck deer heads hanging by his back door.

Then brought 10,000 eggs that were left and put them in Walder’s brook.

Fair and cold today northwest wind.

Saw a lot of deerfoot mouse tracks in the snow today.

Fixed my ariel today.

(“The falling drops at last will wear the stone.” Lucretius)

[Does anyone know: Where was Walder’s brook? Were the Engstroms living on Sandwich Rd at this point in 1943?]

5 Replies to “January 5 Tuesday, 1943”

  1. Engstroms lived on Warren Avenue, just south of the Beach Club, other side of the road. I don’t remember it, but there must have been a brook on the property. Could walk through the field from Grampa’s to the Warren Avenue house. I remember Mom’s stories of all of Grampa’s hunting..fed the family during the long winter months.

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    1. Where did your Grampa live? And the Hornblowers? I feel like we need a map of the area – there is so much walking about and it would be nice to visualize where they were…


      1. Grampa Brewer lived on Cliff Street, actually about four houses down from the Wilkinson’s. The Hornblowers, who started the Hornblower/Weeks brokerage firm in Boston lived on Warren Avenue. I think they had their main house in Brookline and summered in a home where the plantation is now located. Hornblower donated the land which became the plantation. Grampa Brewer worked for him setting up the gardens there and caretaking the property when they were away. His gardens still exist near the horticultural center at the plantation.

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  2. The Warren Ave house is still there. Checked it on google earth. Eric and I used to play on the glassed-in front porch while the adults visited. That was in the early ’50s.


  3. Walder’s Brook: The Hornblower property sat on a high hill. Cliff Street was also a high spot. A valley lay between them. At the bottem of the valley was a brook (more of a ditch than a brook). It ran towards Warren Ave. The closer it got, the wetter it became. It ran under Warren Ave and had running water in it to it’s outlet in what was known as “The beach club pond hole.” This was an off shoot of Eel River where the locals speared eels in the winter.
    Bill’s trout pond would have been Plymouth Rock Trout Pools owned by Bill Whitting.
    Charlie Doten’s trout pools were off Jordan Road in back of the Cemetry.
    Blanchard’s pasture was where Bill Brewster’s property was, now belonging to Dave Harvey.
    Percy Fishes Brook was directly below that property. It is a number of small springs and streams that run into Eel River. I still operate a small trout hatchery there.
    Who Lou Nickerson was I don’t know.
    Skip Nickerson


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