January 9 Saturday, 1943


ToDay is the Birthday of ___________

Fair and not too cold.

After dinner I went over to Walder’s and he and I took a walk up thru the pasture to Ed Manters old bog.

We measured the walking distances between some tracks in the snow.

Three different sets of fox tracks were 15 inches, 16 and 17 inches at walking pace.

Deerfoot mouse jumps 5 in slow jump, 10 inches fast.

Partridge walking 4 inches.

Crow walking 6 inches.

Pheasant walking 9 inches.

Quail walking 4 inches.

Red squirrel 15 to 26 inches.

From Ed’s bog we walked over to Russel Mill Pond, then we came down the pond and along the path b Alton Fisher.

The trout eggs we put in Percy’s brook apparently mostly hatched. Percy was over tonight and we played cribbage.

(“The heart has eyes that the brain knows nothing of.” C.H. Parkhurst)

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