January 11 Monday, 1943


ToDay is the Birthday of ___________

Fair and warmer wind south.

Tied up bundles for Boston, had 58.

Archie came up and got them.

Called up Plymouth Hardware and ordered a grate and lining for the Hornblower’s stove.

Eleanor, Dot [Dorothy Frazier}, and I took the 7 P.M. Bus to town.

Toot [Lewis Covell] was on the bus and so was Gene.

I went to the […] Meeting and it was quite interesting.

Thelma got a letter from Dot today She says she is feeling fine.

Expects to be sick about Feb 19.

A man stopped here at noon looking for Archie and John Morton.

Put some ivy in a bottle of water in the cellar to see if it would root.

Much warmer tonight.

(“The true art of memory is the art of attention.” Johnson)

4 Replies to “January 11 Monday, 1943”

  1. The Dot on the bus probably was Dorothy Frazier The meeting he attended looks like (non?) COIN. I doubt there was non commissioned officers group in Plymouth at that time.


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