January 13 Wednesday, 1943



ToDay is the Birthday of ___________

Fair and warm today, thawed a little.

Got a good long letter from Dave, and a card from Mrs. Hornblower and one from Mr. Greene about the fox scarf.

Painted the metal table on the hill.

Eleanor drive me over to drill tonight and left the car in front of the Armory. She came back to the car for me about 10:10 PM. I was the only one in the Armory and as I snapped off the lights I turned on the outside light, but didn’t know it till I had shut the door, then I was locked out so I went over to Bradford St. in the car and found out where I could get the key.

Then I walked back to Lunch cart and got the key from Sarg. Goodwin.

I walked back to the Armory and put the light out, then walked home. Got home at 11:10 PM.

There are sure a lot of cars laid up now.

Ski had a very good report card from high school.

2 Replies to “January 13 Wednesday, 1943”

  1. For you younger readers you might be wondering why it was so important to turn a light off. During the war, everything is blacked out. Having the light off at the Amory where the ammunition was stored was extremely important.

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    1. I did wonder about that – it seemed an awful lot of trouble for one light. I didn’t realize that the U.S. had blackout requirements. I’ve read stories of blackout curtains and such over in England, but didn’t realize it applied here, too.


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