January 14 Thursday, 1943


ToDay is the Birthday of ___________

Partly fair, wind south. Looks as if it might rain.

Mrs. Hornblower called me up and I had to pack a trench knife and take it over to town and mail it to Bud.

Bud mailed         .26
Hunting Lic.     3.25
Gloves                  .19
Taxi                      .50

Went into the back and paid my mortgage. And over to the town house and got a hunting license.

Then I went out to the Depot and got my arrowhead collection that Ned. Brooks shipped back from the Museum of Natural History, where it had been on exhibit.

Mailed the Lincoln License sticker to Mrs. Hornblower.

Mrs. Sawyer is working at Hanover, so is Ethel Swift.

Thelma wants to go to New York.

(“As a moth gnaws a garment, so does envy consume a man.” Chrysostom)

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