January 15 Friday, 1943


ToDay is the Birthday of David L. Brewer

Fair and warm.

Trimmed the honeysuckle around the close yard.

Stopped in to see Eric.

Thelma and Ski and I met the 9 PM. Bus for Providence. While we was waiting for it to start John Keller came into the Bus and said hello.

We got to Providence station at 10:45 and had to wait there for three hours for our train for Grand Central Station.

The station was full of sailors and soldiers, and I saw only two drunks in there, one an old man in civies, the other a young girls with a laughing jag.

Eddie Hathaway arrived home from Texas tonight.

We took a goose along all dressed to leave at Daves, his is very fond of them cooked.

Got Bills and my collection of Indian artifacts back from Boston.

(“Punishment is lame, but it comes.” Herbert)

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