January 21 Thursday, 19


ToDay is the Birthday of ___________

Fair, cold and windy.

It was so cold on the hill today I couldn’t keep warm working out of doors. Raked leaves and rubbish.

I saw Babbins Nickerson today and he said that he had caught twelve foxes this winter, eight of them were worthless, wolly or what is called Sampson foxes.

Thelma, Eleanor, and Ski went over to Cazetts tonight for a party for Geo. Holmans wife. She expects to go to the hospital any time.

Stopped in to see Eric this morning. He is fine.

Got four bags of bird grain from Guy Cooper.

There has been a group of fighter planes doing target practice work on a white target towed by one of them.

X-President Hoover is speaking on the radio right now, his topic is the food supply of the United States.

I have got a cold.

(“It requires greater virtues to support good than bad fortune.” Rochefoucauld )

3 Replies to “January 21 Thursday, 19”

  1. Guy Cooper = Coopers Hardware StoreWas on the NE corner of Main St and Leyden St. Simple Pleasures now occupies the building.
    Ex=President Hoover Current president was Roosevelt. I used to enjoy walking the aisles at the hardware store even in 1952 they had neat old stuff.


  2. I think Guy Cooper’s store was at Jabez Corner, which my dad talked about- where Barbieri’s was, then the Corner Store. According to records it was a meeting place for the neighborhood- sold everything, was an unofficial branch of the post office, and a local news exchange.


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