January 25 Monday, 1943


ToDay is the Birthday of Roy Holman born today

Worked around the house cutting down honeysuckle bushes.

Took a walk over to Arthur woods and found one arrowhead.

Saw Dick Adams and Spider on Eel River bridge, they had two muskrats.

A couple of men were spearing eels through the ice.

Took a look at the sand bank. Nothing in sight.

Went up to Cumming’s garden, nothing there.

Found a good scraper on the hotel cliff.

Geo Holman took his wife to the hospital at 5 am in our car. She had her baby two hours later.

Eleanor took the women over to get the bus for Hanover, and it caught on fire over there.

I heard tonight that Fannie’s Carol died this morning.

Geo Holman’s oldest child is over at Cozette.

Ski and Thelma had their hair done.

(“Honest err is to be pitied, not ridiculed.” Chesterfield)

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