January 26 Tuesday, 1943


ToDay is the Birthday of ___________

Warm and rain, wind Southwest.

Mailed a doily to Mrs. Hornblower.

Jack caught two field mice and ate them.

Tracked a skunk in back of the barn.

Percy Finney stopped, he had his spaniel with him, he was going over to the bridge to see if there are any [torn cods] in the river.

Hail and snow this afternoon.

Aunt Tirzah must be feeding the gulls, as there are a lot of them around the house in the daytime.

My check came today.

Saw a wooly bear caterpillar on the drive.

Thel, Eleanor, and Sky went to town tonight to the Pythian Sisters annual installation.

There is a big grey quail in the white pines on the hill. I have seen it several times.

President Roosevelt has got back from Africa where he and Churchill had a war conference.

(“Men who need laws are not fit for freedom.” Pythagorus)

One Reply to “January 26 Tuesday, 1943”

  1. Aunt Tirzah Carver was the sister of Sarah Covell, my great-grandmother. Married to Conrad Alexander Covell The house was across the street up on the hill from Jess’s house on Cliff St.
    Tomcod is the fish I think. Used to go fishing around the Gurnet with my uncle.

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