February 12 Friday, 1943


ToDay is the Birthday of Abraham Lincoln

Fair and cold wind north west.

I saw the big hawk again today.

Trimmed up vines and bush today.

Stopped in to see Vic and Eric.

Walter and Vic want us to go up to Boston with them to go to the B.A.A. Sports events at the Garden.

They were trying for a German sub about 3:30 this afternoon, dropped 10 ash cans, about 6 miles straight out from the head of the beach. There was a lot of cruising around there the rest of the afternoon, probably looking for an oil spill.

Just got through listening to President Roosevelt making his report on his meeting with Winston Churchill in North Africa.

Thirty two degrees colder today than yesterday, and it is a good kind of weather for catching a cold.

Someone is doing some work over in Clair Driscoll’s house. I could hear hammering in there.

“An humble mind is the soil out of which thanks naturally grows.” H.W. Beecher

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