February 13 Saturday, 1943


ToDay is the Birthday of ___________

Cold and cloudy.

Went over to the greenhouse and saw Stephen Treglorn. He is the manager of the H.H. Estate.

This afternoon, Ski, Walder, Vick, and I rode up to Columbia station, then took the elevated to Jordan’s Basement.

We went into Raymond’s and a vacuum cleaner place and to Grey’s Provision store.

Then we walked over to the North station and attended the B.A.A. Games. Mitchel lost the mile run. Greg Rice won the two mile race.

When we were waiting for the elevated train back to Columbia Station, Cozetti grabbed me by the arm and I sure was surprised.

Cozetti, Archie, Al. Holman, and his wife rode home with us.

It was a blinding snowstorm on the way home.

Eleanor stayed over at Vicks.

“One may smile and smile and be a villain still.” Shakespeare

3 Replies to “February 13 Saturday, 1943”

  1. The B.A.A. was the Boston Athletic Association..they periodically had meets at Boston Garden. I was thrilled when I accompanied my dad a few times to the meet…saw Dick Fosbury do the “Fosbury Flop” over the high jump there.
    Very impressive.

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  2. Wow! They walked from Raymond’s Dept. Store to Madison Square Gardens. That’s a long walk and must have been cold I’m surprised they didn’t use the subway. I used to walk from Tremont St. to North end of Hanover St. frequently. It’s a long walk. Due to the low pay of a seaman in the Coast Guard, I shopped at Jordens Basement for my civilian clothes.


  3. Stephen Treglawn I met him but mother used to visit his wife Ann. She had a Scottish accent and told me stories about Scotland. The rolling green hills and the village she lived in. She also was my Sunday School teacher.


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