April 8 Thursday, 1943


ToDay is the Birthday of Jack’s license $2.00

Fair and cold, wind N.

Sent the stuff Mary telephoned for up to Boston.

Thel and I went to town this morning and I bought some seed for the garden, paid Jack’s license, and went to the bank.

Eleanor called up at noon, her car was stuck in front of Mabbit’s Mill, we pulled it back up on the road.

Saw Arnold and Bill Pierce.

Raked up rubbish this afternoon.

We took Frank Holman’s clam digger back and got Walder’s.

Am going to try some onion sets this year.

Will be glad to finish up raking up.

Charlie Sherman called me up tonight about going up to Boston to the MAS meeting.

Wrote a letter to Gertie.

Paid $3.10 for garden seed.

“They can conquer who the believe they can.” Dryden

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