April 17 Saturday, 1943


ToDay is the Birthday of

Cloudy and warmer, wind So.

Worked on the flower gardens all the morning. Harry came down and dug some in the flower garden.

Percy came over to see the lamb.

The Plymouth chapter of the M.A. Society met here tonight. Present was our President C. Sherman, Sec. Sanderson, Adrian and his and Bill Pierce and his wife, and Bill Whiting and his wife.

We had a very pleasant evening and Thel had some fine refreshments.

I haven’t had a letter from Bob or Dave for a long time.

Still very cold, not much signs of spring.

“If you would be good, first believe you are bad.” Epictetus


Bob Lee
Bob Lee

6 Replies to “April 17 Saturday, 1943”

  1. The observation about not having a letter in a long time is so touching. Most other entries are about facts of things that are, or happened, or done. The observation of something not having happened really stands out as important.

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  2. I remember when family members were in Vietnam and there would be weeks without letters..then several would arrive and one’s heart would start beating again…

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