April 16 Friday, 1943


ToDay is the Birthday of

Fair and cold wind So.W.

Saw a chipmunk on the walk up on the hill and he was making a heck of a racket clucking.

The kids’ lamb arrived today. He is rather cute little cuss, the girls are feeding it from a bottle and they have it stabled in my shop.

Mr. Hornblower was around most of the day, he and I each picked a guinea hen tonight.

Harry and his wife were over to his dig.

Fixed up the dog kennel for Martha’s dog.

Today I got a letter from Bud from Australia.

Went over to see Eric and he is fine.

Pick had a letter from Dottie, she said Dave gets very tired on his job and so much responsibility.

Ground all frozen hard this A.M.

“All human power is a compound of time and patience.” Balzac

5 Replies to “April 16 Friday, 1943”

  1. It must have been strange with all the young men gone. The older men had to take on additional responsibilities. Auxiliary firemen and police, standing watch to protect the coast. Taking the jobs the young vacated when they went to war.

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