April 29 Wednesday, 1943


ToDay is the Birthday of

<first paragraph is very similar to April 28, and crossed out>

Fair and cool wind west.

Turned the water on in the barn and in the pool.

Harry Hornblower came in after the keys tonight and I went over to the HH cite. His wife and Mother came over to see us, they were going down to Bert’s to get their supper.

Mitt Vaughn was here this afternoon. He and Ski worked on the sail boat.

Harry got me some stripes but they were regular Army style.

The wood ticks have started in early this season. Look as if we are in for a lot of them this summer.

“A man’s own manner and character is what most becomes him.” Cicero

2 Replies to “April 29 Wednesday, 1943”

  1. “Harry got me some striper but they were regular any style.” Earlier he mentioned Harry was getting some stripes for his uniform. He must have gotten regular Army ones instead of National Guard stripes. Should read “Harry got me some stripes, but they were Army style.”

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