May 13 Thursday, 1943


ToDay is the Birthday of

Thel and I got a letter from Dave and he gave a detailed sketch of his new job at the Factory and I feel some proud of the progress he has made in aviation.

The furring came up on the Hill and I left for home last night.

Dot and Cozette worked today.

Stopped in to see Pic and Eric at noon, they are fine.

Winston Churchill is to speak over the radio tomorrow afternoon.

Thelma got back home from Boston tonight.

Shrimp Hathaway is living over at Archie’s.

Worked some in the garden tonight.

Went over to HH’s potato patch and hunted for arrowheads. Found one good felsite scraper, a piece of a t.b. pipe bowl and a small piece of English flint.

“A masterpiece is not hewn from any block of wood.” Pythagoras

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