June 18 Friday, 1943

Today is the birthday of 

Fair and hot wind So. W.

Mrs. H and I went down to the Beach Club and got some cups for the wedding.

Redo was up to fix the faucet in Mrs. H’s bathroom.

Thelma and Eleanor went up to Boston to buy some clothes for Eleanor to wear up to New York.

After dinner Ski and I went down to the river after supper, we borrowed Fred Moon’s boat, didn’t get a strike from pickerel, but I caught two perch, one the largest I ever saw.

We all went over tonight to help Archie celebrate his forty first birthday.

“Man while he loves is never quite depressed”. Lamb

2 Replies to “June 18 Friday, 1943”

  1. Please excuse my little blunders..I have very large shoes to fill! Grampa did not use after dinner and after supper…should have had the second cup of coffee before transcribing this!


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