June 20 Sunday, 1943

Today is the birthday of

Fair and hot wind So.

Worked in the garden this morning.

Myron Holman and his wife were in a few minutes after dinner.

Milt Vaughn was down today.

After dinner Eleanor took me up to the Four Corners and I went over to the Casino to the Fry girl’s wedding. She got married to Junior Meyer. There were about four hundred people there. It was a good show.

I walked home and saw Spider Hadaway and he gave me an ivory implement that was plowed up for the first time in my memory.

Saw Geo. Finney with …Davis.

Helen Finney brought over some sea clams.

“Praise undeserved is scandal in disguise” Pope

3 Replies to “June 20 Sunday, 1943”

  1. The casino was a function hall that was part of the original estate of Eben Jordan, cofounder of Jordan Marsh. Louise (Weezie) Fry married Robert Meyer and later had seven children.


    1. It’s funny how we can get impressions as kids. When I was young we used to go to the bath club and beg the girls to let us in to swim. Usually, Weezie would get up and let us in. I had no idea she was married and thought she was a teen. Wheeezzzzeee let us in pleeezzzeee. If we had known she was a married woman we never would have done it. To this day I thought Myers was her maiden name.

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