June 28 Monday, 1943

Today is the birthday of  Paid $81.95 in taxes.

Fair and hot wind So.

Rode my wheel over to town and got a haircut and pay my town taxes.

Went into the National Bank and bought two $100 war bonds.

A woodchuck has been eating my beans up on the hill.

Clouded over a little tonight.

I sure hope it rains.  We need it a lot.

Stopped in to see Eric on the way home from work.  Walder’s Aunt Julia was there.

Thel has some ivy poisoning on her arm. She got it up at the bog weeding.

“The tongue is the worst part of a bad servant.” Juvenal

One Reply to “June 28 Monday, 1943”

  1. Aunt Julia was one of my dad’s Norwegian aunts. In her later years she lived with us, as she had become senile. I remember a family story of my parent’s having Dad’s boss and his wife to dinner. My mom went in to wash a few dishes at the kitchen sink and discovered Aunt Julia hanging stark naked from her upstairs bedroom window. Guess it caused quite a commotion with the guests….She also had the fantasy that she was being chased around the house by Teddy Roosevelt, while he blew his bugle.

    I remember vividly the day she died..I would have been three at the time. I had wanted to go to see her but had been told by my mother that she was asleep and it was time for God and his carriage to come and get her. I recall sitting by the window for what seemed like hours looking out, anxious to get a glimpse of the horses and carriage! It’s funny those little memories that awaken after so many years…


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