August 9 Monday, 1943

ToDay is the Birthday of

Fair and cool, wind East.

Mrs. Hornblower went to Cohasset to Squibs wedding.

Dr. Mays the Naturalist came up on the hill Saturday morning and he took morning pictures of the hummingbird feeding her young.

Ski and Jubbie went sailing this afternoon.

Walder, Archie and I went up to the Swamp and picked swamp blueberries. I got 10 quarts, Walder 8, and Archie 7 and they are some of the largest I ever saw.

Returned Walder’s sieve to him.

Nice and cool picking tonight.

There was a red squirrel up in a pine tree barking at us and it had a voice like I never heard before in a squirrel, it is as deep and loud as old bull frog.

Eleanor went to the Motor Corp.

“Censure yourself for base acts, rejoice in the goodly.” Pythagoras

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