August 12 Thursday, 1943

ToDay is the Birthday of

Fair and cool, wind East.

Chopped down some pine tree up on the hill.

Sent a lot of flowers over to the church fair.

Thel made a batch of pies and took them up to the fair and worked there all afternoon.

There was a softball baseball game up in Vickery field between the married men and the single ones. Married men won.

We got a post card from Mike Driscoll from Salvador.

Thel and the girls went to the pictures, it is Stage Door Canteen.

Cozette came over here tonight. Claire Driscoll came in tonight and we played three games of cribbage. I won two.

George Mansfield will soon be home from the East Indies, he is in California at present. He is a marine.

“There is a foolish corner even in the brain of the sage.” Aristotle.

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