August 24 Tuesday, 1943

ToDay is the Birthday of

Fair and hot wind So.

Eb, his brother, and their wives came here from the camp after supper.

We went over to see Pic and Walder. They were over at Morton Calling woods, so I went up there and found them and stayed there awhile with Walder after Pic went back home. Finally we all came back to Walder’s.

Thel was there, she had just got back from Boston. She took Jessie Watson up to see a specialist.

Eleanor went to see Toot and Cal about their house.

Ski and Claire Driscoll went sailing in Ski’s boat this afternoon.

Berlin took a blasting last night, 68 bombers lost.

“He that is down needs fear no fall.” Bunyan

3 Replies to “August 24 Tuesday, 1943”

  1. Yes, the war was real to everyone. Everyone had friends and family fighting. Every day they worried they would get the knock on the door. In photographs, I posted a photo of a newspaper article about David Brewer being captured by the Germans.

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