September 4 Saturday, 1943

ToDay is the Birthday of

Warm and foggy, wind NE

Pic was over with Eric after dinner.

Dug some worms for fishing down at the pond.

After dinner Thel and I went up to the Camp.

I went fishing was at it when Ski, Eleanor came. I fished toll 8 pm then came in shore, took everything out of the boat.

There was a small red perch on my hook so I thought I would take a few casts off the point. The second cast I got a whale of a strike, taking all my line on the first run. I ran into the pond as far as I could and called Eleanor, she came down and got the boat out to me. I got into it and set the hook, only to find that the fish had run under a snag. I was scared it would saw the line off but I had to take a chance so I brought it up to the side of the boat and Eleanor netted it.

“Blessings are not valued till they are gone.” Thomas Fuller

2 Replies to “September 4 Saturday, 1943”

  1. If you look at the photos on the blog, I submitted a picture of that fish taken on that day, along with a picture of the reverse of that photo documenting his catch, and the very day, in his handwriting. This amazing photo was given to me by my cousin Suzanne Stefani Ferreira when she found that I did not have a picture of my grandfather. I think it is wonderful because this is what he looked like in the very year we are reading about.

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