September 5 Sunday, 1943

Note: The next several entries are corssed out and the month has been replaced with “March.” I can’t figure out why – there’s nothing in the March entries of 1943 or 1944 to indicate that he was writing then. Some of the September dates are caught up later in the week on one notebook spread. I’m just going to record everything as it’s written and leave the mystery alone.

ToDay is the Birthday of

Fair and cool Wind No

Thel and Ski and I went to church this morning. The minister’s father and mother were there.

The blimp was in close shore today.

Worked a good part of the afternoon in the garden. Archie was wokring in his.

Redo and Madeline came over to look at the garden.

Saw Mr. and Mrs. Hornblower up on the hil tonight.

Put some fertilizer on the onions and peas.

Heard that they are going to open up the beach club.

Eleanor went down on the beach and got a sun burn.

“I read the newspaper to see how God governs the world.” John Newton.

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