October 6 Wednesday, 1943

ToDay is the Birthday of Bud is engaged to Priscilla

Mrs. Hornblower told me this morning that Bud and Priscilla Bloomer are engaged and he wants to get married next Saturday.

Redo was up and fixed the leak on the copper roof.

Mrs. Hornblower told me Bud has postponed his wedding.

Parafax man left a can of gas.

Richard Vaughn’s baby was taken up to the hospital, they think it has a brain hemorrhage.

Eleanor and Ski gave me a ride over to the Armory, I haven’t ever seen so many men on the floor there before.

I came home on the bus.

There was a cock pheasant on the knoll between the garden and the cemetery. I heard him call out several times.

Some of the foliage is at its peak coloring right now.

Bud has postponed his wedding till later.

“Love gives itself; it is not bought.” Longfellow

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