October 7 Thursday, 1943

ToDay is the Birthday of $10.00 from Thel

Wrote a long letter to Bob last night, he is in Ga a F/c

Finished up planting rose bushes.

Mr Hornblower came down with Bud and Priscilla on their way to Martha’s Vineyard. Mrs. H went on with them.

Thel and Ski worked up at the store today.

Thel said the Drs report on the Vaughan child is that if it lives it will be blind.

After supper Thel, Eleanor, Ski, Cozette, Tilley, and Archie went over to Fred Morton’s as Earl’s body is up there for tonight and it is going to be brought up to the Church tomorrow noon for the funeral at 2 PM.

Beaman did a good on Earl, he looks fine.

Fred Morton said he wasn’t taking the dogs this winter.

“Nature and wisdom always say the same.” Juvenal

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