October 10 Sunday, 1943

ToDay is the Birthday of 46 years in Plymouth today

Fair and cool, high wind N.E.

Got up early and went over to Walders and had breakfast and he and I rode up to Plympton to his wood lot.

We spent all day trying to run out the foundry lines, we found three sure founds and a possible fourth, it took us all day beating thru scrub oaks.

After we got home, Bill Whiting came in to find out what happened up at the meeting yesterday.

Went up on the hill and found Martha had brought back the dogs.

Milt was in to supper tonight.

Thel and Ski saw a pair of foxes this afternoon, they were right across the field from the house playing in an open space in the bushes. The folks watched them with the glasses.

“On rumor’s tongues continual slander rides.” Shakespeare

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