October 12 Tuesday, 1943

ToDay is the Birthday of Columbus Day

Fair and warm Wind NW

Dave and Wanetta took our car up to Boston. Wanetta has to go to Wisconsin as her father died of heart failure last night.

Al Holman has got back from his first trip as a cook on a tramp steamer.

Went down to the Beach Club pool and got Mrs. Hornblowers boat and took it up the river, tried to get a pickerel but no luck.

Put Mrs. H and Martha’s boats in the boat house for the winter.

Thel, Eleanor, Ski, Jack, and I took a ride down to the camp and fished for a couple of hours and caught just one small perch.

The pond is very low and I have a beautiful beach on the point.

I went up on the hill tonight and started up the two heaters.

Martha D. and Betty C. were in.

“Time is the soul of the world.” Pythagoras

2 Replies to “October 12 Tuesday, 1943”

  1. Thel, Eleanor, Ski, Jack, and I took a ride down to the camp. I assume you all know who Jack is. It’s Jesse’s dog. I think he was an Irish Setter. My dad had one of the pups from the same litter.


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